Site restructure

For anyone that still reads this, i’m giving this site a restructure. Nothing has been going on that’s worth posting so there will be some changes. If nothing else, I might get rid of it. We shall see.

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My Patreon!

Hey family! I now have a Patreon page! Give it a look see! I’m trying to raise funds to make some progress on my documentary!

Peace and love!

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Is it true?

In the summer of 2012, I went and taught at a summer camp in Korea. The area in question was considered the countryside and it was amazing! The people were way nicer there than in Seoul and Suwon and I enjoyed my time there. Everyone said “Hello, how are you?” to me in either English or Korean; something I rarely if ever gotten in the city.

The summer camp itself was completely different than what I was used to at the time. To be fair, working a camp was different period because i’ve never participated in those type of activities. Either way, it was quite the unique experience and it was fun for a bit. Except for this one moment that made me ultra uncomfortable…

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Failure is awesome…but realizing you have a much better fate is the best thing.

Piggy backing on my previous post, i’ve come to realize that while failure is an awesome thing, one has to understand WHY it’s a good thing. This week, I got word I missed out on getting the reporting gig. They hired five new reporters last week so I was too late on getting to where I wanted to. Honestly, it was my fault for missing out because the editors DID say they had no openings and they were not going to be sure until the owner of the station gave them the go ahead (the owner came yesterday and I heard nothing on the opening).

The lesson I learned within the last week or so was to let my higher up know of my plans within the company and communicate properly so things like this won’t happen.

Today I also realized that I am not called to do the things that i’ve been doing. For now, i’m going to put my videos on hiatus and move on to something else. Trying to beat the dead horse that is uploading video footage for two years on a social site is doing me no justice. I’m better off using it in a public setting NOT called the internet.

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Why failure is AWESOME!

Hi family! I’m going to make a video about this sometime soon but I wanted to discuss the beauty of failure and how it can be beneficial (while it’s fresh on my mind).

*ahem* Failure is an awesome thing. The feeling that comes with it can depend on how you look at your situation but there is nothing wrong with failure. This week, I attempted to work in another department of the TV station I currently work at. I didn’t get the position. Normally, I would have been sad or feeling really bad but I actually felt relived.

Prior to working at where I work at, I was making videos for this Korean pop music website and while it was beneficial in many ways, I wasn’t learning anything. I just did whatever the site host wanted me to do just so he could get content and get paid (I was doing this for free by the way). During my time with him, he gave me a LOT of verbal praise despite the fact the quality of my videos were getting worse and worse. I eventually took my videos off of his site and left completely.

Moving along, I took at test this week to see if I could cut it in the editing department; I had to go out and get 20 unique shots of Abilene. I THOUGHT I knew what they wanted but it turns out I knew nothing at all! They said my shots were horrible and told me why.

For the first time, I got constructive criticism from a PROFESSIONAL and it felt great! They could have told me my stuff was terrible and left it at that but they didn’t. They gave me a chance to get better. I’m going to look at how they do things and work towards getting better.

I won’t lie and say that ALL failure feels good cause most of the time it doesn’t. It’s only natural to want to sulk and or cry when you don’t get what you thought you were ready for. The best thing to do is to let it ride out and move on. :)

Take care family!

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MarieDoll interview this Friday

This Friday, my interview with actress/singer/cosplayer MarieDoll will be uploaded! Here’s a teaser for it!

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I’d Like To Meet… promo

Here’s a promo for my interview show in the style of Adult Swim.

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