On the road again…

Greetings family! Last Monday, I got awesome news! After a lot of praying, changing habits, and getting off of my high horse, I FINALLY got a job at a tv station! Years prior, I put off the idea of working at a station because I thought it was boring but after thinking about some things and coming to various conclusions, I’ve come to accept that I am not as good as I think I am in my field. I need a LOT of practice and the best way I can get it is to work at a tv station. The great thing about this I will be close to my family (it’s here in Texas, after all) and I will have another place of my own.

It’s crazy to think my 20 months in Korea trained me for this moment. In my heart, I believe had I gotten this job two years ago, I would have been fired after a short time because I wasn’t mentally prepared. All the crap I went through at my hagwon and even at English Village trained me for this and I am ready. I met my future crew mates and they are all nerds. Cool nerds! I will be working as a production assistant (basically a gofer) so I will learn the basics and go from there. I expect to stay six months to a year unless something else happens but again, who knows.

I’ve spent the last three days packing up (I have a LOT more than I expect!) and i’m still not done. My goal is to have everything in the boxes by Thursday. I’m positive I can expedite this if I just stay off of my computer and quit trying to see people. I won’t be THAT far from home. Oh and getting off of this too. :D

Take care!

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“Are you a dancer?” (and other things said to me)

Hello faithful family! Another thought came to me this week in regards to more stuff that happened to me while I was in Asia.

Last week was the Attack On Butt and now it’s Attack On Features. Well, it’s not really an attack cause it’s all in good fun and I had a laugh out of it.

When I was working at the private school, I was given two nick names by my students: Obama teacher and chocolate teacher. Most of my kids at the time never had a real experience with black people so they went by what they saw on television and the news. Being called Obama teacher was awesome! The other nickname they had for me was “Chocolate Teacher”.

“You look like a big, giant, and delicious chocolate bar!” – 8 year old student

Sadly the nicknames stopped when I left but it was fun while it lasted…

…until I went to English Village. Instead of being given nicknames, I was often asked about my physical features or other eccentricities I have.

1. “How do you get your head so shiny?!”
2. “Shaun, you have a hip hop walk!”
3. “Are you a dancer?”
4. “We call you ‘sugar rice’ teacher because you put sugar in your rice!”

Number 1 is obviously because i’m bald. I can’t count the number of times my students in Asia and in Texas have tried to rub and/or hit my head. Koreans and Japanese loved doing it because they can’t grab the head of the Buddhist monks.

Number 2 is because of how I walk. Growing up, I was called “Duck Feet” or “Slu foot” because my toes go out hardcore; I walk like Vince McMahon..

Number 3 came from my Japanese students who were familiar with dancers. Given how pointed my feet are, I could be a dancer. Heh.

Number 4 comes from the fact that, well, I put sugar on my rice. I brought Texas with me to Asia and Asians and Africans through it was sacrilege for me to do such a thing. One tried it out and he hated it. What’s funny is when I did it at the private school around Americans, they just scoffed at me for being “weird”. The non-Americans just said “oh, he does that” and moved on. Would be nice if more Americans didn’t make a big deal out of everything.

If there’s one thing I miss about teaching is the nicknames and the compliments that came with it. I don’t know what will be in store for me once I actually start working in a new field.


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Metaphorical butts

It just occurred to me during my time in Asia, I HARDLY talked about stuff I went through while I was there. Well, when I FIRST went there, I did for about a month and a half then I started to get complaints from my co-workers at my first place of employment (lesson learned: don’t add co-workers to your social media).

Speaking of first place of employment, this story takes place from there!

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Nancy Grace, online petitions, & cause and effect.

Hey family! This week was indeed interesting and a lot of great things and not so great things happened. One of the not so great things was the death of WWE wrestler (I refuse to say Superstar) The Ultimate Warrior. What makes this so crazy is this previous weekend, WWE put Warrior in their Hall of Fame and he made his first appearance on Monday Night Raw in 18 years. Tuesday afternoon, he collapses while walking to his car and later dies in the hospital.

Wednesday evening, tv host Nancy Grace interviews wrestler Diamond Dallas Page to talk about his death. Instead of getting a proper interview about Warrior’s life, Grace does what she does best and showcases how much research she did NOT do on Warrior or the other wrestlers who have died.

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Hey family! I decided to update the HECK out of my previous reel and this is the end result. It’s quick, to the point, and I make note of what i’ve done in South Korea and Japan during 2013!

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My feet hurt… (more on my documentary)

I made it back safe and sound from Houston! Honestly, the trip wasn’t worth it but seeing Waveya and my other friends whom I haven’t seen in three years wasn’t all that bad. Seeing their smiling faces and such made it enjoyable. 

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South By Southwest and other information

Hi family! I safely made it back from South By Southwest in Austin, Texas and I had a LOT of fun down there. Since I was a SXSW newbie, I wasn’t aware of things like secret shows so I missed a lot of big named people. Regardless, it was an experience and I can’t wait to go to another event!


My documentary is nearing completion and I will make it public on YouTube to gain interest! The official name of it will be made in due time!


WAVEYA FANS! Remember that video I made in regards to getting autographs? Well, I got word they will be in Houston, Texas this weekend. If you live there, go to the George R. Brown Convention this weekend March 14-16 and you can see them! If you don’t live there, I will do all I can to keep my promise of getting their autographs. I can only do a limited number so be on the look out!

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