A boy has a right to dream…but a man must take action.

New Japan nerds


In the year 2000, Cartoon Network in the United States got the anime series Outlaw Star. Before each episode began, the narrator had an inspiring message that went along with the theme. One such speech stuck with a lot of people and is still relevant today.

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The first time I went to Japan…

Hey family!

Since my sophomore year of high school, i’ve always wanted to hit up Japan. Back then, it was because of the video games and anime. I used to tell my peers that I was going to go to Japan one of these days. Ten years later, it actually happened.

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Enjoy yourself but have purpose

Nu'est 1The number one trap people fall into when traveling is not having purpose.

I’ll admit, I was victim of this too until I realized I wasn’t at home anymore. In my first six months, I was much like my previous co-workers at my first job: there to just exist. Everyone but one of my co-workers was there to just get drunk, work a harsh 9-5, go home, sleep, be stressed, and do it again the next day.

It wasn’t until I met the Hash House Harriers that I realized there’s more to living in another country than doing what I can do at home. Shortly after associating with them, I bought a camera and began filming my time in South Korea. Sure, other people have done it and I wanted to showcase my skills.

Over time, my skills in media production have improved and i’m glad for it. I was able to interview Korean pop singers, dancers, and showcase how amazing the country is. I did the same thing in Japan: interview foreign actors, game designers, and showcase what the country has to offer.

The biggest trap I fell for was thinking I was really good. I thought I could elevate more when I came back home.

Not quite.

When I went to Abilene, I was doing only slightly better than I was independently. I was making $7.45 an hour. Normally I would complain (i’ve done enough of that previously) but that moment taught me how to humble myself and leave room for growth. It also drove me to wanting to make money in my craft. Of course, this didn’t come until after I left and had to go back home.

Having purpose is part of why I decided to take my blog more serious. I used to let people get to me based on my intents and how I do things. Over the course of three years, I let people dictate how I should run my vlogs, blogs, and how I should “conduct” myself around others. Being told i’m “socially awkward” by people who communicate only through their phones/social media grew tiresome. I later decided to get new friends and harshly minimize how much I keep in contact with certain people.

I then decided to read my bible more, read Terry Crews’ book Manhood, read Danger & Play, read Bold & Determined, get advice from my big sister, read other books, act upon what i’ve read and stop worrying all together.

Anything and everything you do has to have purpose. The thing that scares people is the work that has to be done. Is there a set time limit to how long it will take to grow? Not really. It takes as long as it takes. The work you put in will show results down the road. It has to come from you on when YOU want to grow within your purpose. Having a tough skin also helps.

If Hideo Kojima didn’t have purpose and a tough skin, he wouldn’t have been able to make the awesome Metal Gear Solid series. You wouldn’t believe how much the Konami staff in the 80s feared him. Even as a child, Kojima had a purpose.

When one travels in hopes to explore or live in another city or country, purpose has to have involved. No matter where you go or what you do, do with a means to better yourself.


Till next time! Peace and love!


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The differences between being active away vs. being active at home

With ladies at Kpop concert

Hey family!

When I came back home last year, my dad said to me “the things you do at home usually stay at home”. It confused me at first but after being in Texas for the last 16 months, i’ve come to understand what he means.

I find that I was more productive and active away.

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Life advice after college advice boils down to THE BASICS…


I read an article on Vice (some of you all just left) in regards to life after college. It was basically some┬áprivileged middle-class trite on how getting your degree was useless and all that jazz. Some of what was said is true but it doesn’t offer any solutions on how to alleviate the problems. He seems to attack the arts the most (which is what my degree is basically). I recommend upcoming high school and college graduates to read that article and then come back here.

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Women’s wrestling outside of WWE

As most of you all know, I am a HUGE pro wrestling fan! When I went to Japan, I made SURE to watch as much live pro wrestling as I could. So far, i’ve seen one New Japan Pro Wrestling show and two Wrestling New Classic shows in person. The women in Japan go all out and they often out-perform the men in some fashion.

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Bullying only makes me stronger

With Swoozie

When I concentrate on growth, I concentrate on increasing three things: The mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of myself. Is it easy? No. Is it possible? Well, that depends on how much work you’re willing to put in.

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